International Students Service

17.9.2017 >>>> 17.9.2017 | Vanha kirkko, Keskustori Tampere

The International Congregation Christ the King (ICCK) welcomes you to English service on Sunday September 17   @ 4 p.m. at the Old church of Tampere (Keskustori)


Looking for a place of friendship and a place you can call, ”A Home Away from Home”? Join the warm and friendly Christian community at ICCK, Tampere!


The ICCK warmly invites everyone to a special Eucharistic celebration in welcoming old and new students in the city of Tampere.


The University Chaplain of the University of Tampere, Rev. Risto Korhonen will be the celebrant and preacher. In the music, special guests performers: Markku Ylipää with his wife Tuija Tiitta-Ylipää will lead the singing.


After the service, coffee, tea and light snack will be served. A wonderful time to meet new friends and get to know more what is happening in the congregation. Please invite your friends and pass the word around. Come one, come all!


For more information: www.tampereenseurakunnat.fi/english

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