Suomen opiskelijaystävällisin kaupunki

Wellbeing services for students

TREY social affairs sector handles matters outside of studies that affect studying ability, like housing, subsistence, sports and healthcare services. If you need help regarding harassment or bullying, reach out to harassment contact persons. You can reach both harassment contacts by email: hairinta(at) or only one of them: hairintamies(at) or hairintanainen(at) The harassment contact persons operate on the terms of the student and no further action or contact will be made without consent. All conversations with the harassment contact persons are fully confidential.

Tamko takes care of its members wellbeing in many ways for example organizing events, supporting and providing sports and outdoor activities for students around campus. Tamko’s
Harassment Contacts support and give advice to students who have experienced disturbance of any form. Our contacts don’t document names and they have full professional confidentiality. You can reach all harassment contacts by email: hairintayhdyshenkilot(at)

Nyyti ry promotes students’ mental health by providing versatile information and activities about mental wellbeing and coping with everyday life while studying. Nyyti offers online groups and information on themes related to students’ everyday life.