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Substance abuse assistance

Tampere University students that need substance abuse assistance should contact Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS) in the first place. FSHS can make the assessment on the level of substance abuse and direct the student to the sphere of right help.

Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS)

The city of Tampere offers versatile services for substance abuse (alcohol, drugs). The Office for Substance Abuse Prevention offers education and advice on intoxicant issues. It carries out work preventing substance abuse and promoting health among children, young people and adults living in Tampere. The services are free of charge. Tampere A-clinic department provides care and expert help for the clients whose daily life is hampered by substance abuse and the social disadvantages related to the abuse. Tampere also has low-step stations where clients can seek help.

City of Tampere: Substance abuse care


How to know it I have a problem?

It is hard to assess or recognize substance abuse yourself. One way is to make an internet-based test which can help with the self assessment. However, to get proper assessment and treatment, you should contact the instances above.

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