Flowpark Varala

COUPON: Student ticket + gloves 24€

Flowpark is an ecological adventure park where you can test your courage. Adventure courses have been built on living trees without harming them. You may solve numerous tasks even at a height of twenty meters. Different tasks refer to ropeways, including swaying paths, liana jumps, swings and cable slides. You don’t need to have any advance skills for the Flowpark courses. You’ll be instructed how to use the equipment and how to act on the courses before you are allowed to enter the actual courses.

Pivo student card coupon: Flowpark Varala ticket + gloves 24€!
Ticket includes equipment, gloves, instruction and and climbing in the park.

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Flowpark Varala
Address: Varalankatu 36, 33240 Tampere
Phone: 044 345 0807

Päivitetty: 29 June 2020