POAS - Pirkan Opiskelija-asunnot

Apartments for students and young working people

Pirkan Opiskelija-asunnot, POAS for short, rents apartments to students at the schools in Tampere and the Pirkanmaa region, as well as to working people under 30 years of age. POAS offers apartments near the colleges and universities around Tampere, close to good traffic connections. POAS has shared apartments, studios, 2-room and 3-room apartments.

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Your applications is valid for 3 months. POAS does not have queues or waiting lists. We take the urgency and the reason for the need for an apartments into consideration.

POAS - Pirkan Opiskelija-asunnot
Address: Sorsapuisto 1, 33500 Tampere
Phone: 040 668 6008

Päivitetty: 04 June 2020