INT Housing – General info

Welcome to the INT Housing section of Opiskelijan Tampere’s websites! From these websites you will find information about the INT Housing programme, its details and the application. Please take a look at the information below for a general view of the programme and who is eligible to apply to the programme.

What is INT Housing?

International Housing Programme (INT Housing) is a shared programme of the three Universities of Tampere, the City of Tampere and Opiskelijan Tampere (Student’s Tampere) association. The purpose of the programme is to provide accommodation for international students arriving to Tampere during the Autumn. Thus the INT Housing will take place in the autumn term 2017 and the programme will end the 31st December 2017.

Opiskelijan Tampere association is responsible for organising the programme and will take care of its execution and will organise the accommodation, administrate the programme and provide help if problems occure. The apartments are provided by the city of Tampere housing companies. In autumn 2013 and 2014 INT housing programme provided housing for about 80 international students.

Who is INT Housing for?

INT Housing is directed to the exchange students that come to study to the University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology or Tampere University of Applied Sciences. You must be accepted as student in one of these universities in order to apply for the programme, but otherwise there are no age, nationality or other restrictions for the applicants.

Students applying to INT Housing should notify that the programme is taking place during the autumn term of the Universities (August-December) and will last until 31.12.2017. Thus, the rental agreements will be fixed term agreements. Please note that the programme is a substitute for Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) accommodation and you should only accept one apartment offer of the two. If you have already got an apartment from TOAS or elsewhere, please do not fill INT Housing application. If you are accepted to INT Housing programme, you will make a rental agreement directly with Opiskelijan Tampere.

Getting started with the application

You can apply to the INT Housing programme easily from our webpages The application form can be found from the Application to the programme section and you can fill the application form at June 2017.

Before filing in the application form, it is highly recommended that you will read through how the programme works. From the Apartments and costs section you can find information on the houses, locations and costs of the programme. Generally speaking the apartments will be family apartments for 4-6 students of same gender with single or shared rooms, shared common spaces and possibly a private sauna. The prices vary between 225-475 euros/month, depending on the room type, location and the number of flatmates.

We have gathered the general instructions of the programme to the Instructions and rules section. You will find the information about the programme divided into three sections:

  • Before arriving to Tampere (application, accepting an apartment offer and keys)
  • During your stay in Tampere (settling in, house rules and obligations and where to get help) and
  • Leaving Tampere (what to do when your rental agreement terminates, moving out, returning keys etc.)

The instructions and rules section will provide the most important information of the programme, so we advise you to go through it carefully before applying!

Opiskelijan Tampere has also gathered some of the most asked questions to a Frequently asked questions section.

Contact information

If you have any questions about the programme, the application or general arrangements, you can contact us via email, in Facebook or by phone. If you email us about INT housing programme, please write INT housing 2017 to the title field of your email. The details are:

Tuomas Himmanen (Mr.)
Housing and communications secretary
Email: housing(a)
Tel:  +358 50 374 8191