INT Housing instructions and rules

From this page, you will find all the instructions and rules of the INT Housing programme. Opiskelijan Tampere advises applying students to go through these carefully to avoid surprises. The page is divided into three sections:

  1. Application and arrival to Tampere
  2. During your tenancy
  3. Ending the tenancy

1. Application and arrival to Tampere

The application to INT Housing takes place by filling in the INT Housing application form. The application period begins on 2nd May 2019. Please fill in all the information required.

Before applying, you should consider two issues:

1) INT Housing programme is aimed at students who get accepted to study in Tampere University or Tampere University of Applied Sciences as an exchange student. Opiskelijan Tampere will verify from the universities whether the applicants have been accepted to study or not.

2) All the rental agreements will be fixed from 1st of August until the 31st of December 2019. It is not possible to change the starting or ending date. INT Housing programme does not continue in the spring term. If you need an apartment from Tampere after this date, you can contact Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) or use Opiskelijan Tampere’s general housing services. See the contact details from the end of this page.

After you have sent the application, Opiskelijan Tampere will start forming housing groups. The housing groups will consist of other international students from different countries and cultures. If you have indicated that you want to live with a friend, we will take this into consideration.

Accepting the offer

If you are accepted to the INT Housing programme, you will receive an email including information about

  • The apartment: size, location, number of roommates, room type (single or shared) and the monthly costs
  • The deposit payment: amount, instructions, personal due date

To guarantee your place in the programme, pay the deposit on time. In 2019, the amount of the deposit payment is 420 euros which consists of 400 euros returnable deposit and 20 euros handling fees. Handling fees won’t be returned.

By paying the deposit payment you commit to sign the rental agreement. Rental agreements will be fixed term from 1st of August until 31st of December and cannot be terminated earlier. If you do not arrive to sign the rental agreement for any reason, Opiskelijan Tampere will not pay the deposit back to the student.

Note that Opiskelijan Tampere will send you only one apartment offer based on the information you have given in the application form. If you decline the offer or do not not pay the deposit payment on time, we will take another student from the queue to replace you. Please inform Opiskelijan Tampere immediately if you do not accept the offer.

Deposit payment

You can pay the deposit via PayPal, Credit Card or in EU/EEA area also international bank transfer. Paypal is highly favored since it’s instant and returning the deposit is much easier for us and you.

  • PayPal/Credit Card: You can do the payment through our website. When paying with PayPal, remember to add your name to additional information.
  • International bank transfer: It does not matter if the transfer comes from your or your family member’s bank account. Just remember to write your name on the message section.

When you receive an apartment offer, you must pay the deposit payment before the due date. Opiskelijan Tampere will take into consideration the duration of international bank transfers. When Opiskelijan Tampere has received your deposit payment, we’ll send you a letter of confirmation.

Read more about the deposit payment.

Rental agreement and keys

Example rental contract

Rental agreements will begin on the 1st August. The rental period is fixed and it will terminate on the 31st of December 2019. The rental agreement is binding and it cannot be terminated before the fixed date. After you have paid the deposit fee, Opiskelijan Tampere will send you a confirmation email that includes information on signing the rental agreement and getting the keys, arriving to Tampere and the things that you should take into consideration, for example in the level of furniture.

When you arrive to Tampere, the first thing to do is to come to Opiskelijan Tampere’s office to sign the rental agreement. All accepted students will make a rental agreement directly with Opiskelijan Tampere. We will go through all the important documents (rental agreement, house rules etc.) before the signature. After the rental agreement has been signed the student will receive the keys of the apartment. Remember to take your passport with you.

Opiskelijan Tampere’s office is located at Hämeenkatu 5 A (Google Maps).  Ring the doorbell TOIMISTOHOTELLI and when the main door opens, take the elevator to 4th floor. The office hotel’s manager will greet you, tell them that you are coming to get the keys from Opiskelijan Tampere. When you arrive to get the keys in August and the beginning of September, our office hours are Mondays to Fridays 9 – 15.

If you arrive outside our office hours, ask your tutor or a friend to pick up the keys beforehand. The tutor cannot sign the rental agreement for you, so please come to Opiskelijan Tampere’s office to sign the rental agreement personally as soon as possible. Please inform us if someone else than you will pick up the keys: housing (a)

Remember that you are responsible for the keys and you should not give them for others to use. Lost keys will result in changing the locks which may cost over 300 euros.


In 2019 Opiskelijan Tampere will provide housing for approximately 100 international students. The rooms will be allocated on first come first served basis. The sooner you apply for the INT Housing programme, the bigger is your chance to receive an apartment offer! All the flats will be allocated on 1st of August at the latest. However, if you have not received an apartment offer from us, you might still get one if the other applicants decline the offer or do not pay their deposit in time.

Private market housing and studio apartments

The INT Housing programme does not offer studio apartments.
If you would like to rent a studio apartment and you did not get an apartment us or other student housing companies, we suggest you to search for an apartment from the private markets.

To seek apartments from private markets, you can use Opiskelijan Tampere’s free of charge apartment services. You can contact the landlord directly through the “request contact information” button.

2. During your tenancy

Settling in your apartment

Arrival inspection form

After you have received your keys, you are ready to settle in your apartment. Before unpacking you should make an arrival inspection. In the inspection, you will check the condition of the apartment. Making the inspection properly will guarantee that you will not be blamed for possible damages already existing in the apartment.

The first tenant to arrive in the apartment fills the arrival inspection form and sends it to Opiskelijan Tampere. Please send the form by the end of September. If you don’t report the existing faults, you can’t plead to them when moving out.

Paying the rent

Opiskelijan Tampere will send all the accepted students an invoice with the payment details and the due dates via email. You can pay your rent monthly or the whole amount at once but you need to decide before the first due date.

Paying your rent in time is a prerequisite for participating to the programme. If you have not paid your rent in time, Opiskelijan Tampere will send you a reminder and you will have to pay late fees. If you cannot pay your rent in time due to, for example the late payment of the scholarship from your home university, inform Opiskelijan Tampere about it immediately!

Obligations and instructions

House rules

Participating to INT Housing will require that you take into consideration the instructions that have been set for the programme. First and foremost, you should read the house rules through carefully and follow to what is stated there. The house rules include issues that should be considered while living in the apartment and general rules of Finnish block of flats living. The rules include, for instance, the following regulations:

  • Pets are not allowed in the apartments.
  • Smoking is forbidden inside the flat as well as common areas. Smoking in the balcony is also forbidden.
  • Inhabitants must make sure that the common areas, rooms and furniture remain clean and undamaged.
  • There is silence period during from 10pm until 7am, please respect this.

House rules also include instructions how to use the possible private sauna in your apartment.

Waste sorting

Household waste guide

Waste sorting is an important part of Finnish living. All the residents in the flat have a shared responsibility on sorting the waste. The block of flats in which the apartment is usually has its own waste sorting area, where there are several waste bins for different waste. Some of these waste sorting places might not have bins for hazardous waste (for example batteries). For this kind of waste the residents are responsible of taking the waste in a rightful waste bin.

Home insurance

All the participants in the INT Housing programme are insured upon the writing of the rental agreement. The insurance is OP-Pohjola home insurance that covers furniture provided by us and the structures of the apartments. You should have your own insurance that covers your belongings and accidents.

Maintenance and other issues

During your stay, you might need some help with everyday situations. Every building has their own maintenance company that will help you with repairs or malfunctions of for instance heating or water.

In urgent matters (like water damage) always contact the maintenance company by phone!

Maintenance companies 2019:

Annalankatu 5: Lännen Kiinteistöpalvelu tel. +358 331 423 400

Other addresses: ISS Palvelut tel. +358 200 155 00

Keep the maintenance company’s contact info on the fridge. You’ll also find the contact details in your building’s bulletin board (“Kiinteistöhuolto”, “Huoltoyhtiö” or “Huollon päivystys 24/7” in Finnish).

If the matter is not urgent, contact Opiskelijan Tampere. Please note that we will answer only during office hours. We need to know about the urgent matters as well but call the maintenance company right away to avoid more damage.

Contact Opiskelijan Tampere:

Kati Aaltonen (Ms.)
Housing and Communications Specialist
Email: housing(a)
Tel:  +358 50 374 8191

3. Ending the tenancy

All the rental agreements that are made between Opiskelijan Tampere and students that are accepted to the INT Housing programme will terminate in 31st of December 2019. This section contains a detailed information on the issues that need to be taken care of before leaving the apartment. Please read the information through carefully.

Emptying the apartment

According to the INT Housing rental agreement, Opiskelijan Tampere will start emptying the apartments at the end of December 2019. We will try to take into account your departure date but if you leave in the last days, we might come to collect the furniture while you’re still living in the apartment. Opiskelijan Tampere will take all the removable furniture that the apartment had when you arrived.

The apartments must be completely empty and fully cleaned before 31st of December and students or tutors must return the keys to Opiskelijan Tampere on that day at the latest. If you have any kitchenware, bedlinen or sports equipment that you do not need or take back with you, ask your student union to take them as a donation for the international students starting kit. If you leave any stuff in the apartment, we’ll deduct the costs of removing them from your deposit.

Final cleaning

Final cleaning instructions

The apartment must be cleaned before departure. Opiskelijan Tampere will provide instructions for the final cleaning. By doing everything named in the final cleaning check list you can ensure that the apartment is clean enough.

Please note that the cleaning of the common areas should be done together with your roommates before you leave – no one should have to do the cleaning alone! Also note that cleaning has to be done in a way that a new tenant is able to move in without cleaning. If the inspectors note some flaws in the cleaning, they will summon a cleaning crew and the costs will be from the deposit fee.

The housing companies who give the apartments to Opiskelijan Tampere will do a check-up in the apartments in January 2019. If an apartment is not properly cleaned or something is out of order, Opiskelijan Tampere is obliged to order a cleaning service or a repairer. The tenants are responsible for the damages and costs and Opiskelijan Tampere will cover them from the deposit fee.

Returning the keys

Every student must return all the keys you received from Opiskelijan Tampere. You can return the keys to our office during the office hours. Do not send the key by mail because it might get lost!

If you want to return the keys when the office is closed, you can leave them in Opiskelijan Tampere’s mailbox outside our office. Put the key in an envelope and add a note with your name and INT Housing address since otherwise we do not know whose key has been returned. Please write “Opiskelijan Tampere” on top of the envelope.

Returning of the deposit

Returning the deposit payment

If there are no damages in the flat, the apartment and furniture are in good condition and the keys have been returned properly in the end of the rental period, you will receive the deposit payment 400 euros. We will start paying back the deposits in February 2020. The deposit will be returned after the final check-ups to the apartments have been made. To receive the full payment, make sure that:

  • your apartment is clean and the furniture is intact
  • nothing is broken in the apartment
  • you have returned all the keys
  • you have paid all of the rents and possible late fees
  • you have not left any excess stuff in the apartment

If these conditions are not fulfilled, Opiskelijan Tampere will cover the expenses from the deposit. Expenses concerning cleaning, furniture and left stuff will be divided by the number of tenants in the apartment. If the deposit is not enough to cover the expenses, we will send you an invoice.

Relocation for the last days of your stay

If you arrive early or stay later than your rental agreement, we recommend Dream Hostel & Hotel. It is one of the TOP10 European hostels located near Tampere University City Centre Campus.

Staying in Finland until Spring?

The INT housing programme only lasts the autumn term 2019 and it does not continue during the spring 2020. This means that everyone will have to move out of the INT Housing apartments at the end of December 2019.

If you need accommodation during the spring, you should take a look at apartments in Opiskelijan Tampere’s general housing service, Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) and Pirkan opiskelija-asunnot (POAS):