Suomen opiskelijaystävällisin kaupunki


Income support

Income support is a last-resort measure in financial support of the social care. It is intended for situations where the applicant, his/her family’s income or property is not sufficient to cover necessary daily expenses. The firsthand income system for a student living in Finland is the student financial aid that is meant to cover study and living expenses. The student financial aid is mainly available for Finnish students, but in some cases it can be admitted to foreigners as well. For more information who is eligible see Kela’s websites.

In some cases the student financial aid is not enough to cover the expenses of the student and his/her family. Here, the municipality of the student is obliged to grant the student income support on the same basis than for others in need. Income support is meant only for the municipal residents. It consists of basic income support, supplementary and preventive income support. The amount of the income support is determined by subtracting the costs (that are acceptable in the income support system) from the allowance of the person. The remainder will be granted as an income support. The supplementary income support is admitted for specific purposes and costs and it’s purpose is to progress the independent managing of daily life and the securing of daily income. Preventive income support can be granted to safeguard the living of the person or to help in the rapid deterioration of a person’s financial situation. The websites of the city of Tampere have more information on the grounds for granting the support.

In Tampere, the income support can be applied in the income support services of Sarvis Social Welfare Office. There are separate services for new clients and for those who have applied for the income support before. The new clients (including those who have not benefitted from the income support for over two years) should arrange an appointment in Sarvis Social Welfare Office. Clients that have already obtained some income support can apply the support literally by filling the document needed (only provided in Finnish) and sending them via post to the Income unit of the city of Tampere. The decisions are made without any delay. The applicant also has the right appeal against the decision made. Additional information can be found from the city’s websites.

Financial and debt counselling

The city of Tampere offers financial and debt counselling to all the residents in the Tampere region (Tampere, Lempäälä, Nokia, Pirkkala, Vesilahti, Ylöjärvi) that have financial or debt issues. The services include i.a. counselling in all issues regarding economy and debt, help in planning the client’s economy, help in filling the applications to be made for the different court instances and negotiate arrangements between the debtor and the client. The financial and debt counselling services are free of charge.

The client can also apply to the restructuring of debts programme by sending an application to the Pirkanmaa district court that makes the decision to either begin the restructuring or reject the application. The restructuring programme usually takes three years. More information on financial and debt counselling can be found from the websites of the city of Tampere.