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Help for domestic and intimate partner violence

Domestic and immediate partner violence (IPV) is common, but often stays unreported and hidden. Quarels and arguments are common in every family, but in some families these ead to violence. Arguments are part of daily family life – violence is not! In domestic and immediate partner violence the abusive partner can be the man, woman or in some cases both. The violence can be targeted to a dating partner, spouse, children or elderly. Also children can act violently towards each other or towards their parents.

  • Do not stay alone with your experience: tell about your experiences to a friend, relative, people you can trust or a professional helper.
  • Find information: information on violence and the possibilities of getting help can be found for the victims, the abusers and the children from the Internet, social stand-by services, professional helpers and officials.
  • Get help: Ask for counselling, guidance and support from the services of your municipality. Go out and take contact, there is help available! Violent behavior does not end by sole promises. You are not alone with your experiences!

Social work for families with children

In need of immediate help

In the case of emmergency, dial the common emergency number 112 (open 24 h).

Tampere shelter home (site in Finnish) provides shelter and professional assistance for people who suffer from or are threathened by domestic violence thoughout the whole day. Hämeenkatu Shelter tel. 050 337 3205 and Mutkakatu Shelter tel. 050 309 9313.

Social stand-by services acts as the on call social station of the city of Tampere and provides emergency first aid in the cases of child protection and family crisis. Their phone service is available 24 hours: 0500 625 990.

Tampere University Hospital (TAYS) First Aid Unit Acuta is the right place to go to get treatment in case of a sudden illness or injury. Acuta is open 24 hours: 03 311 611

In acute mental distress, please contact the Acute psychiatric clinic: 040 806 2606. On the duty on Mondays-Fridays at 8 am-3 pm.

Other helping instances

Violence does seldom end suddenly. Get information and help in time! Municipal actors and the organisations and communities specialized in the prevention of domestic and immediate partner violence also offer professional help and peer support.

Tampere domestic and IPV prevention network (in Finnish)

Älä vaikene väkivallasta – Pyydä apua (pdf) (in Finnish) This leaflet includes the contact details of the instances in Tampere that offer help in the case of domestic and IPV situations. The leaflet includes both municipal and community sector details.

Telephone Health Services Information and advice offered every day between 7 am-10 pm. They can be reached from: 0310023.

Central Finland Police Department