Suomen opiskelijaystävällisin kaupunki


There are several festivals in Tampere every year. We have gathered information on the usually held festivals on this website. However, new festivals are born constantly, especially the summer, so keep your eyes and ears open!



Elävän Kirjallisuuden Festivaali: Artictic and experimental literature event. Organised in mid-February by ELKI ry, an Association for Living Literature founded by literature students of Tampere. Held in Finnish.


Tampere film festival: A short film festival associated with international and national movie contest. Organised in the beginning of March.

Tampere Kuplii Comics festival that includes panels, presentations, workshops, awards, comics artists and readers. The programme includes a Cosplay competition, giving the Comics Finlandia award and drawing workshop. The festival is organised in Finnish.


Art orienteering: An art event encompassing the whole Pikanmaa area. The idea behind is to bring the profession of artists, designers and crafters closer to the public and lower the fences between the public and the professionals. There is a free entrance to all the attractions of the orienteering during the event. Organised in Finnish in the end of April.

Tampere Dance Current: A contemporary dance festival initiated in 1997. The programme includes i.e. contemporary dance pieces from well-known Finnish dancers and starting artists, dance videos, panel discussions and seminars.
Tampere Biennale: A festival presenting modern Finnish music and composers. Includes free concerts and events. Organised in the late April.


Tampere Guitar Festival: This festival, organised from 2005, presents different guitar music styles in the clubs, concert halls and pubs of Tampere. Almost all most significant classic guitar players have played in the festival.


Annikki international poetry festival One of the biggest poem festivals in Finalnd that is organised in the inner yard of Annikinkatu wood house block since 2013. The artistic leader of the festival is the poet J.K. Ihalainen. (In the photo on right: John Cooper Clarke performed in 2011 Annikki poem festival.. Photo: Pekka Huttunen)

Pispalan Schottische dance mania Organised since 1970, Pispala Schottische dance mania is an international folk dance festival. The programme includes conserts indoors and outside, competitions, training, seminars, nightly dancing and club nights.Orgnaised in mid-June in 2014.

Valtterifestival: This festival, organised during the Finnish midsummer fest in Tullinaukio square, brings the midsummer feeling to the city centre. The programme is free and there are no age limits. The festival culminates in gigs in Klubi and Pakkahuone.


Tammerfest: Four day music festival organised in July that fill the city of Tampere with music, programme and festival mood.

Tampere Salsa Festival: The three day festival includes both dance performances and courses that offer experiences for both beginners and expert salsa dancers.

Sauna Open Air: A rock festival returns to Tampere in summer 2019 after a long break.


Tampere Theatre Festival: In its broad programme Tampere theatre festival presents the best Finnish and foreign theatre. The programme also includes music, circus and dance theatre. Lots of free programme. (In the photo on left: Gob Squad’s Kitchen in Tampere theatre festival 2012. Photo: David Baltzer)

Blockfest: A city festival for Hiphop culture taht was born out of the interest of young artists to arrange a Hiphop festival to Southern Finalnd. Arranged in the beginning of August. Performers include both Finnish and International hiphop stars.


Maailman Tango-Festival: An international and cross-artistic culture event. The programme consists of urban folk music (for example tango, jazz, fado and chanson). Both the listeners and the dancing audience can enjoy the event. In addition to the music, the festival includes dance courses, art exhibitions, movies, poem nights, lectures and wine tasting courses.


Lost in Music: Showcase festival that introduces new and temporary music from pop to jazz and from hiphop to metal over the genre boundaries. Go and see the newest and hottest names in Finland.

Tampere Jazz Happening: Jazz festival that includes high-level musicians all around the world. The festival takes place in Telakka, Klubi and Pakkahuone. Also free concerts available.