FAQ – Frequently asked questions

This section provides you with the frequently asked questions of INT Housing. If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact Opiskelijan Tampere at housing (a) opiskelijantampere.fi.

Applying to the programme

Who can apply to the programme?

The INT housing programme is meant for exchange students who have been accepted to study in either Tampere University or Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Thus, you must be an exchange of degree student that will study in the autumn 2019. The universities will verify that the applicants have been selected to study in Tampere.

What is the difference in single and shared room apartment?

In single room apartment there is 2-3 tenants in the apartment and everyone has their own room. Single rooms are more expensive than shared rooms.

In shared room apartment there are 4-6 tenants (usually 4) in the apartment and you share bedroom with one of them. Everyone has their own bed naturally.

What kind of apartments are included to the programme?

The apartments are generally family apartments that are meant for 4-6 people in shared room apartments and 2-3 people in single room apartments. Opiskelijan Tampere will try to take apartments with good connections to the universities. The apartments have rooms (either private or shared) for the students, a common living room area, kitchen, toilet/bathroom and sometimes a private sauna or balcony.

I dislike the apartment that was offered to me. Can I get a new offer?

Unfortunately no. Opiskelijan Tampere will send the applicants only one apartment offer that you can either accept or not. We will try to take into consideration your apartment wishes and special needs the best we can when we create the housing groups.

Can I select who I live with?

Partly yes. If you have a friend that you wish to live with, you can indicate it in the application form. Opiskelijan Tampere will then take this into consideration when we form the house groups. Your friend must also name you as his/her cohabitant. Note that we will accommodate the applicants in apartments according to their gender (e.g. boys with boys and girls with girls).

I filled wrong information to my application. What should I do?

If you have filled in wrong information or you want to complement your application, you should contact our housing and communications specialist: housing (a) opiskelijantampere.fi. Please write “INT Housing 2019” to the title field.

What should I bring from home when moving to Tampere?

For INT Housing programme, you should consider bringing with you some things that you need for living. For example, pillows, blankets and bed linen are recommended. However, you can get all this equipment from Finland as well. If you have a convenient table lamp, it might be good to bring that also with you, since there are no table lamps in the apartments.

Generally, your destination university and tutors will provide guidance to you regarding other things (clothes etc.). You will need your passport when signing the rental agreement with Opiskelijan Tampere so take it with you!

What is the level of furniture in the apartments?

The apartments have a bed, a desk with a drawer and a chair for each student. In addition, the apartments will have a (walk-in) wardrobe, a kitchen table with chairs, a refrigerator, usually a freezer, cooking plates, an oven and a sofa for shared use. There’s also a wifi box for internet connection.

Lamps, bedlinen and cleaning equipment are not included.

During the programme

I am not able to pay my rent on time, because my university stipendium is late. What should I do?

If you cannot pay your rent in time due to reasons that have nothing to do with you, you should contact Opiskelijan Tampere immediately. We can arrange the issue so that your situation will be taken into consideration. If you do not contact Opiskelijan Tampere with a valid reason of paying the rent late, we will send you a reminder and you will have to pay the late fees.

If the rent has not been paid in time and Opiskelijan Tampere has tried to contact the student several times without any result, we will take the rental payment from the deposit and terminate the rental agreement.

I have lost my keys. What should I do?

If you lose your keys, please inform Opiskelijan Tampere about it right away. We will advise you what to do. Please note that a lost key will cost you 330 euros in most cases. Home insurance does not cover losing the keys.

Can I change the room from a single to shared during the tenancy?

Unfortunately this is not possible.

Can I change the apartment after I have lived there for a while?

Unfortunately, we cannot relocate you to another place, since we only have as many apartments/rooms as there are residents. The contracts are fixed between 1st of August and 31st of December.

The radiator does not work in my apartment. Whom should I contact?

In this case you should contact the maintenance company of your flat. They will come an fix the radiator for you. Do not try to fix it yourself; the radiators are sensitive and will break easily.

Maintenance companies 2019:

Annalankatu 5: Lännen Kiinteistöpalvelu tel. +358 331 423 400 lkpalvelu@lkpalvelu.fi

Other addresses: ISS Palvelut tel. +358 200 155 00 palvelukeskus@iss.fi

I accidentally broke the fridge. What should I do?

If this happens, you should contact your maintenance company. They will try to fix the fridge for you or bring a new one. In addition, remember to inform Opiskelijan Tampere about it, so that we are aware about the situation and its possible costs.

Maintenance companies 2019:

Annalankatu 5: Lännen Kiinteistöpalvelu tel. +358 331 423 400 lkpalvelu@lkpalvelu.fi

Other addresses: ISS Palvelut tel. +358 200 155 00 palvelukeskus@iss.fi

I do not get along with my roommates. Can something be done?

We recommend you to have an open discussion with your roommates. Say out loud what is bothering you and what should change that living together would be better. Everyone needs to understand that taking care of the apartment and cleaning the apartment is supposed to be done together. If you do not get along with your roommates, contact your tutors or Opiskelijan Tampere.

Can I have pets in my apartment?

Unfortunately not, since this is forbidden.

Leaving Tampere and the ending the rental agreement

I am staying in Tampere for the spring semester also and I need accommodation. Can I stay in the apartment until the end of spring?

Unfortunately no. All the apartments have fixed rental agreements only until 31st of December.

If you are staying for the spring term as well or even longer, contact Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) or try to search an apartment through Opiskelijan Tampere’s general housing services (where you can search for private market apartments).

I need accommodation for few days after my rental agreement is terminated. Whom should I contact?

If you are staying few days after we have emptied your house of furniture, we recommend booking a room from Dream Hostel which is located near Tampere University City Centre campus.

I am leaving earlier than my roommates. What should be done with the final cleaning?

If you are leaving earlier, you should agree about the cleaning details with your roommates. All the students participating to INT Housing should inform Opiskelijan Tampere when they are going to leave their apartment.

Opiskelijan Tampere’s team will make an initial check on the apartments when they are emptied. If apartment is not cleaned properly, the cleaning fee is divided by the number of tenants and deducted from your deposits.

I did not receive the full deposit back. Why is this?

If you did not receive the deposit back in full amount, there might be several reasons for it. Here are some of the most common:

  • You have not paid all your rents or late fees.
  • You have lost your keys.
  • The apartment has been left in a messy condition and the housing company has had to clean it.
  • Something in the apartment is broken.
  • You have left excess stuff to the apartment.
  • Banks and PayPal may take a transfer fee. Specially when transfering money outside of Europe or to a different currency than EURO. Unfortunately we cannot affect that.

You can ask Opiskelijan Tampere for the specifics of the deduction on the deposit.

I have some excess stuff with me that I will not take back home. Where should I put it?

If you have problems getting rid of your excess stuff, please contact your tutor for help. Student Union might accept usable stuff as donations. You can also sell or give away your stuff at flea markets (Facebook, tori.fi).

Please respect the environment and do not throw all your stuff in the garbage bin unsorted!

I haven’t yet received the deposit. Why is this?

The deposit will be returned starting from February. Money transfer outside of Europe can take several weeks. We highly recommend PayPal as return method since it’s instant. Contact Opiskelijan Tampere if you haven’t received your deposit by March.