INT Housing and me

Hello everyone, this is Mia.

First of all, I am the 3rd year student from Lapland University of Applied Sciences. I am currently working as an intern in Opiskelijan Tampere, especially in INT Housing programme which is directed to exchange students coming to study in Tampere during the upcoming autumn.

Why did I choose Tampere?

It’s warm.


Mia sunbathing next to Moomin Museum :D

Yes, you are reading right, the first reason is the nice weather in Tampere that allows me to enjoy fully my summer; plus, I can widen my network here in order to prepare for my future career. Also Tampere has such convenient public transportation to travel around yay!

During my internship in Opiskelijan Tampere, I will be working mostly in INT Housing programme. As an intern, I will assist Kati Aaltonen – Housing and Communications Specialist to:

  • Handling applications and submitting offers;
  • Assisting students with housing on-site, handing the keys
  • Drafting rental agreements, invoicing and e-mail contact with students,
  • Doing sales and marketing

You must be wonder why you should choose INT Housing? To me, this programme is easy to apply, you will get a furnished room with everything you need, and this is also a good way to make new friends from living together! I myself have made a lot of new friends from living together as well.

An overview of Tampere.

So apply now through this Google form and spend your Autumn 2019 in here Tampere – the most student friendly city.

For more info, click this link, or don’t be hesitate to contact us.

Have a nice exchange semester in Tampere.