I never read. I just look at pictures. – Andy Warhol

Who was Andy?

Born on August 8th, 1928, Andy Warhol was a successful visual artist, filmmaker and known as the leading figure of the 1960s Pop art movement. He delivered such big contributions in variety of art forms including filmmaking, performance art, writing and filmmaking. He started to work as an independent artist in the 1960s, and after the international breakthrough in 1964-1965, he began to print his posters with the requests from different art galleries. Warhol died on February 22nd, 1987.

Andy Warhol poster exhibition is at Tampere Hall from June 18th to August 25th 2019. I was lucky enough to have a chance to visit the exhibition on the first day it opened. The Andy Warhol (1928-1987) Poster Exhibition had more than 100 of his artworks, museum-quality posters, book covers, magazines and albums. All of them are loaned from the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg in Germany and this exhibition is designed by exhibition architect Taina Väisänen.

Now, look, I am not a person who has deep understanding about art in general, I just came to see the artworks from Andy, but personally I did enjoy my time in the exhibition. The music, the atmosphere and the artworks had taken me to the Andy world where even a Campbell condensed tomato can or a bottle of Absolute Vodka can be artificial. For a not-so-artsy girl like me, I could never be able to understand the bigger meaning of his artworks, even though Warhol himself claimed that there was nothing deep of him or his works. I actually spent time looking at the paintings and trying to get any meanings of them, but apparently, I could not. So, if you are an art lover, come to see The Andy Warhol (1928-1987) Poster Exhibition, maybe you will see something new from the artworks ;)

The iconic Campbell’s tomato soup painting!

Tampere Hall also runs an art competition in which the Finnish artists will be able to create their own perceptions of Andy Warhol’s art legacy in Finland. The best entries will be exhibited along with the Andy Warhol exhibition. Free entrance.

A sneak peak about the competition entries 2019


You can buy tickets at Tampere Hall’s ticket office or from this link.

Entrance fee is can be seen here:

Adults: 13 €
Pensioners, students and children (between 3-17 years): 10 €
Ticket to Moomin Museum and Andy Warhol: adults 20 €, children 12 €
Family ticket (2 adults+ max 4 children ) 40 €


Have a nice day everyone!