Apartments and costs

This section provides information on the apartments, housing details and costs of the INT Housing programme. Please read the information on this site through carefully before applying to the programme to get a proper understanding of its level and costs.


The apartments are shared family apartments with 2 to 4 separate bedrooms. You can apply for a private bedroom or a shared bedroom. There are 2 persons in one shared bedroom and two to six students living in one apartment. Students accommodated in one apartment are always of the same gender. All the apartments have a shared kitchen and shared toilet/bathroom. There might also be a shared living room, sauna or a balcony.

The INT Housing programme is not dormitory housing, rather everything is located in one apartment. Apartments are in regular block of flats where international students will live next to Finnish neighbours. The housing type is family housing, which means that all the inhabitants of the apartment have a shared responsibility to keep the common spaces clean. Note that there will not be locks in the bedrooms.

Opiskelijan Tampere rents available apartments from housing companies and subleases them to international students. Availability varies according to housing markets. That is why we don’t yet have the exact details of the apartments. Students that are accepted to the INT Housing programme will receive detailed information about their apartment and costs when they receive the apartment offer. After receiving the offer you will need to decide if you will take the room or not.

We will send you only one offer. If you decline the apartment offer, we will not send you another one!


All the apartments have a basic level of furniture. There’s a refridgerator/freezer, cooking plates and an oven in the kitchen.

The apartments are guaranteed to have these basic furniture:

  • a bed for every tenant
  • a chair and a desk with a drawer for every tenant
  • a wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe
  • kitchen table with chairs
  • sofa
  • wifi box

Lamps, curtains, blankets, pillows, bedsheets, kitchenware and cleaning supplies are not included. The easiest way is to ask for a starting kit:

If you want to buy more furniture, one place to do that is a furniture store IKEA which sells basic furniture with affordable price. However remember that if you’ll buy other furniture, you’ll need to sell / get rid of them by the end of your stay in Finland. There is usually a laundry room in the building or you can buy second hand washing machines together with your roommates.

Where to get used equipment for the apartment


Bus routes

The apartments will be located in Tampere. Most of them will be in a suburb called Hervanta where one of Tampere University’s campuses is located. There are good bus connections from Hervanta to other campuses. Opiskelijan Tampere will try to house the students so that you would get an apartment as close to the destination university in Tampere as possible or have a direct bus route there.

We will look at the applications first before deciding which apartments are taken to the programme. If you receive an apartment offer, it will state the address and other information about the apartment. You can decline or accept the offer but remember that Opiskelijan Tampere will only send you one offer. If you decline, you will not get another offer.

Here are the apartments that were used in the 2018 programme (click the map to see it bigger):

The campuses are marked in purple. Tampere University has three campuses: City Centre, Kauppi and Hervanta. TAMK students are on main campus near Kauppi or Mediapolis in Tohloppi.


Students will pay their rents to Opiskelijan Tampere. The rents of the apartments will vary depending on whether you want to have a single or a shared bedroom (2 beds in one room), on location and on the condition of the apartment.

Monthly estimated rents:

  • Single bedroom 350 – 500 € / person
  • Shared bedroom 270 – 380 € / person

If you wish to have the cheapest room possible, please state it in your application’s “Additional information” section.

The rent includes all the following services:

  • Internet
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Home insurance
  • Furniture
  • Service

There will be no other monthly costs. You have to pay your deposit payment before Opiskelijan Tampere will confirm that you have an apartment in the programme.

All the rental agreements are fixed from 1st of August until 31st of December and cannot be terminated earlier.

Deposit payment

After applying to the program we will make you an apartment offer. You can accept the offer and confirm it by paying your deposit payment. Remember to pay your deposit payment transfer fees yourself.

The deposit payment is 400 euros + handling fee of 20 euros. The deposit (maximum of 400 euros) will be returned to you after your tenancy. We will begin paying back the deposits in February 2020.

Examples of apartments

As stated above, we do not know yet which apartments will be in the programme 2019 and cannot give you more detailed information about them before you get the apartment offer.

Here are a few examples from 2018:

  1. A 66 m2 apartment from Annala meant for 3 persons. This apartment cost 318 euros/month per person (shared room) and 398 euros/month (single room).
  2. A 75 m2 apartment from Hervanta meant for 4 persons. This apartment cost 281 euros/month per person.
  3. A 77 m2 apartment from Janka meant for 4 persons. This apartment cost 314 euros/month per person.