SuperLeaflet Autumn 2019

SuperLeaflet for Autumn 2019 has arrived! Enjoy affordable nights with your friends at a restaurant, theater or virtual reality. Find clothes, buy a great laptop and cheer your home team at Tammela Stadium!

Get your SuperLeaflet from:

  • Opiskelijan Tampere office, Hämeenkatu 5 A, Toimistohotelli, 4th floor
  • Tamko office, Kuntokatu 3, L building
  • TREY service office at City centre campus, D213
  • TREY service office at Hervanta campus, Rakennustalo L wing, 3rd floor

Autumn’s discounts and coupons (valid till 31 December 2019):

You’ll get these discounts only with Student’s Superleaflet, get yours now!